I have been working as a freelance photographer since 1970, and I am highly specialised in architectural photography, with clients like contractors, architects, project developers, model builders, local authorities, suppliers, villa designers and individuals.
As a part of the greater discipline of photography, architectural photography certainly takes in its own special place. I have learned to look “differently” at things because of my own architectural family ties: my father and my brother. Through them and through my own experience I have learned how important ambient and direct light are in a building, how to determine the most characteristic side of a structure and how to do justice to the building materials used. And even the slightest change in the angle to the subject can lead to a world of difference in the final photo.

I travelled to more than 100 different countries as a writer and photojournalist for Samsam, a magazine about the similarities and differences between youngsters in the Netherlands and the Third World, published by the Netherlands Royal Institute for the Tropics. Photos from this period consist of slides, which I'm digitalizing reguarly, although hundreds of them are still waiting... A small choice can be watched already on this site.

In 1999, my passion for sailing led me to start photographing sailing events, particularly because so few yachtsmen have high-quality action shots of their boats, please check my other website too: www.fotoboot.nl.

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member at Dutch Photographers, association of professional photographers